Wrestling singlets

Monday, March 25, 2019

Although you may have heard otherwise, no, you don’t have to wear “those leotard-tights things” in practice. Normal practice attire is a t-shirt and shorts. The wrestling singlet has been the standard uniform for competition since the 1960s; before that, most people just wrestled shirtless. It is a one-piece, tight fitting outfit typically made of either a Nylon/lycra-spandex blend or a polyester/lycra-Spandex blend. There are several styles and cuts to choose from, with different patterns and color combinations to match your personal preference or school colors. 

The different cuts are high-cut, low-cut, and women’s-cut. The high-cut singlet is the standard uniform that is in compliance with all junior high, high school, and college competition. The low-cut, or ‘freestyle’ cut, is what you are used to seeing Olympians like John Smith and Dave Schultz wearing. This style isn’t as popular as it once was, but you can still find it, and it is acceptable to wear at most non-scholastic events. Finally, women’s cut is simply a singlet that is more ideally shaped to conform to the female figure. 

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