The Growth of Women's Wrestling

The Growth of Women's Wrestling

The number of female wrestlers has been taking off exponentially since its introduction as an Olympic sport in 2004, and the numbers are shocking. Eighteen states have now sanctioned women’s wrestling at the High School level; twelve of these have been since 2018 alone. Since sanctioning these programs and providing a state championship, girls wrestling programs have managed to increase their participation by up to 1040.4% in some states. Girls continue to break the boundaries of what can be accomplished. But women’s wrestling does not stop at sanctioned states. For every state without a sanctioned girl’s program, there are girls wrestling. They train alongside boys, they compete against boys, and many times they win against boys.


Our Valkyrie mission is to support our girls, and to no longer let our female wrestlers go unseen.



Wrestle like a Girl:


USA Wrestling High School Development Committee Co-Chairs Joan Fulp and Andrea Yamamoto



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