Headgear Accessories

Monday, March 25, 2019

Although a great pair of headgear is usually all you need to keep your ear safe, often there ways to customize or add to your headgear get the most out of it. In some cases, there may be certain accessories that are actually required for you to wear in competition. Other items we carry will either be replacement parts, or add-ons to make your head gear more comfortable, or make it simple look more ‘your style’…and we all know style is of utmost importance.

In most high school and middle school competitions, anyone with really long hair is required to wear a hair cover that is attached to the headgear. The main reason for this is so that your shaggy hair isn’t constantly getting pulled, tangled, stepped on, or tangled in your opponent’s headgear.

Also, there is a new rule basically says you cannot wear your headgear in any way that is not how the manufacturer intended it. This means no crossing your straps, or taping your headgear. This rules was put in place to help prevent equipment malfunction, and also to decrease the risk of skin infections growing in the sweat-laden tape. If you want to keep your straps together, you can order additional strap holders for your headgear.

The chin strap is an accessory that is optional. Many people choose to wear a chin cup rather than a chin strap because they feel they can breathe better. Some wrestlers also wear chin cups because they like the look. If you break your nose, or otherwise injure your face, a chin cup will also work best with Cliff Keen’s FG3 Face Guard.

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